Inspired by a goldfinch, Fabritius & Tartt

Its been a long time since I sat down in my favorite chair and got cozy with a 771 page book!  I meet  with someView full post »

What if you try but fall short of the goal?

Ah yes! Early this morning, a very thoughtful friend inquired about my 30 day challenge… the 30 paintings in 30View full post »

why I draw…and how it can transform your life

                Putting a pencil to a pure white piece of paper hasView full post »

Create like a marathon runner!

A mom, Kathy, running for a cure for her son! And the race begins… courtesy of iNG New York City wasView full post »

Oh yeah… A 30 day challenge!

I am thrilled to be beginning this challenge offered by Artist Leslie Saeta . Three hundred artists areView full post »

Create your life both on & off the canvas…like Eric Fischl

Bad Boy:My Life On and Off the CanvasbyEric FischlandMichael Stone Well, I certainly wasn’t prepared for theView full post »

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